Fingerprint App Locks


We all have some apps in our Phones which we don’t want everyone to see, it can be Whatsapp, Facebook or gallery or may be some other apps whatever in short the apps which shouldn’t be accessible by anyone else. People use different type of locks like PIN, Password or Pattern but c’mon it’s 2017 and we have fingerprint sensors in our phones which can identify your fingerprints and uses it as a security tool than why we use fingerprint to unlock phone only ? You can use fingerprint to lock/unlock applications as well. So in this post i’ll mention top fingerprint app locks which you must use for your privacy concern.

1. App Lock

This first App Lock is by DoMobile Lab. which is oldest and most trusted app lock since beginning of android. I have been using this since Gingerbread. With the time they always update their app with more security features so now they came up with fingerprint lock as well. By using this app you can unlock your locked apps with use of your fingerprint. No more PIN,Password Patterns but as a backup they provide this features as well so in case if your finger gets injured there’s no need to worry.

Feature List:

• Lock apps with password, pattern, or fingerprint.
• Photo vault, hide pictures
• Video vault, hide videos
• Well designed Themes
• Customized background, select a favorite picture
• Default profiles: Unlock all, Guest
• Customized Profiles: set different locked app groups, change lock quickly
• Time Lock: auto-lock/unlock according to time
• Location Lock: auto-lock/unlock according to location
• Advanced Protection: prevent AppLock being killed by task killer
• Random keyboard: prevent people peeping pin code
• Fingerprint、Force stopped cover
• Lock switch (WiFi, Bluetooth, mobile data, sync)
• AppLock widget: enable/disable AppLock with one tap
• Quick lock switch: Lock/unlock in notification bar
• Lock incoming calls
• Lock system settings to prevent a mess by kids
• Prevent uninstalling apps

2. App Lock: Fingerprint Password


Feature List:

•  Lock any app
•  Unlock apps with a PIN or Pattern
•  use your fingerprint to quickly lock/unlock apps
•  Supports more than 10 languages
•  Beautiful Material design
•  App Lock can protect new apps proactively

3. App Locker : Fingerprint & PIN

Feature List:

  • You can lock recent apps page so no one can see the content of recently used apps.
  • Use separate combination of locking methods with different pin or pattern for a specific apps.
  • set fake crash for lock app, so no one can know that if an app is locked.
  • Use fingerprint as secondary , or use only fingerprint to unlock apps.
  • AppLock use two locking engines , default engine is fast and the “Improved Lock Engine” is battery efficient with more features that does not drain your battery.
  • you can turn off AppLock completely , just go to app settings and turn off the app.
  • you can to re-lock apps after some time [1-60] minuets , immediately or after screen off.
  • Beautiful and simple UI so you can perform any task easily.
  • lock screen changes color according to the app that you locked , every time when lock screen appears you will experience AppLock differently.
  • This app is only 3Mb and does not take a lot of storage to install.
  • To protect AppLock from uninstall you can go to AppLock setting and press “Prevent Force Close/Uninstall”.

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Basically all lock apps works same with different dimensions and different UI. But this app has a special feature that no other app have and it is Intruder Selfie. You can snap the snooper and the photo will be saved in gallery including date & time. So you can now easily know who’s trying to spy on you behind your back.

Feature List:

  • Take a photo of who tried to unlock your WhatsApp immediately
  • Email the snooper’s photo to you immediately
  • The photo will record the date and the time
  • Customized lock mode. You don’t need to unlock apps every time.
  • No Ads and for FREE

5. Fingerprint Login: Passkey Password & Apps Lock

iphone app lock fingerprint app lock

Feature List:

  • Compatible with all ios devices
  • Private Data & Passwords are encrypted for your protection
  • Login with your fingerprint even on other devices
  • Lock your payment informations

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