How to Erase emails on iphone?Well i hope if you have this question in your mind which means you are new iphone user. Well there is nothing wrong in asking such type of questions many of us face difficulties when we try to learn somthing new.

so today in this article i’ll be showing you all how you can truly delete all email from iphone at once. In this article we will cover 3 different ways of Erasing  emails from iphone.

1.How to Erase Emails from iphone one by one?

How to Erase emails on iphone- One by one. Well this is a very common and very old way to delete emails. There is nothing tough neither there is any trick behind this. Just follow few simple steps and you can erase the particular email that you don’t want in your device?

  1. Open the Mail.
  2. Swipe left on the particular email that you want to delete.
  3. select Trash.

thats it.!! This is how you can erase emails from your iphone manually or one by one.

2.How to Delete multiple Emails together on iphone?

How to Erase emails on iphone- Multiple emails. Sometimes we want to erase Multiple emails. Well there is a slight different method for erasing multiple emails. Just follow the simple steps mentioned below to erase emails on iphone.

  1. Open the mail.
  2. Go to edit.
  3. Mark all the emails that you don’t want in your iphone.
  4. Select the Trash that appears next to move option.

So in this way users and delete or erase multiple emails!!

3.How to erase all Emails from iphone at once?

So finally the main method for which most of you waiting for. This method is for those who want to erase all emails from their inbox. Just follow some simple steps and you can erase all your emails from iphone in just few minutes.

  • Open the mail.
  • Go to inbox.
  • Now go to Edit.
  • Go to Mark all > Mark all as read.
  • Now this part is bit tricky. Now again go to edit.
  • Select the first Email.

  • Now hold the Move button present at the middle bottom.
  • By holding the move button unselect the first email that we have selected previously.
  • Now let go the move button.
  • Now you can see the total no. of emails on your iphone.

  • Select Trash.

Bang on!! thats how you can erase all email at once.


If your mail comes back after deleting it means that your mail is being left on the server. after being deleted from your device, which is handy when you use more than one device, but can cause the mail to come back to your iPhone.


  1. open the SETTINGS app (the little gray gears).
  2. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  3. Select your mail account under ACCOUNTS.
  4. Scroll all the way down, and select ADVANCED. Look at the setting “Delete from server”.
  5. If you have NEVER or SEVEN DAYS selected, some or all of the mail will come back.  If you change it to “When removed from inbox”, the mail will be gone forever and ever.

So now  finally you dont have to ask anybody “How to Erase emails on iphone”.





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