g6 Today we are going to talk about a beast, a real beast!! And that’s LG G6. Yeah the next High end Flagship killer by LG! Basically LG provides all kind of electric appliances but especially in mobile LG is very under rated or may be unpopular and infamous, whatever it is but the technology and innovation they deliver are Superdope B-) no doubt in that. LG is known for their Crystal Clear Displays, it could be a TV Screen or Display of Mobile they always gave us the best of time. This company is not doing marketing like Samsung that’s why they are not that much popular else they are also providing Quality products. Anyways we will discuss everything in depth in different parts of this post. So waiting for what? Let’s Start…..

Release Date:

Country Release Date
Australia4th Week May 2017
Austria4th Week May 2017
Brazil4th Week May 2017
Canada3rd Week May 2017
China2nd Week May 2017
Denmark4th Week May 2017
England3rd Week May 2017
Finland1st Week June 2017
France4th Week May 2017
Germany4th Week May 2017
Greece4th Week May 2017
Hong Kong2nd Week May 2017
Hungary1st Week June 2017
India4th Week May 2017
Indonesia4th Week May 2017
Italy4th Week May 2017
Japan2nd Week May 2017
Nigeria1st Week June 2017
Philippines3rd Week May 2017
Poland4th Week May 2017
Russia4th Week May 2017
Singapore4th Week May 2017
South Africa4th Week May 2017
South Korea2nd Week May 2017
Spain4th Week May 2017
Sweden4th Week May 2017
Switzerland4th Week May 2017
Taiwan2nd Week May 2017
The Netherlands1st Week June 2017
United States3rd Week May 2017



The LG G6 is expected to come up with 5.8Inch 4K Display having 4096x2160p with 554PPI density. The phone will have protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Processor will be Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 Along with 6GB RAM and 64GB/128GB Internal Storage. Battery is 4200mAh Non-Removable Li-ion Battery supporting Wireless Charging Technology and USB connectivity of Type-C 1.0 Reversible Connecter.

Checkout in a List View:

  • Screen : 5.8Inch 4K display having 4096x2160p with Density of 554ppi
  • Processor : Qualcomm Snapdragon 830
  • Platform/OS : Android 7.0 Nougat with LG Optimus UX UI 6.0
  • Memory : 6GB RAM with 64GB/128GB Internal storage and External Storage support Up to 256GB
  • Main Camera : Dual 16 MP (29mm, f/1.8) + 16 MP (12mm, f/1.8), Optical Image Stabilization, Dual LED flash
  • Secondary Camera : 12MP
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Bluetooth v4.2, NFC, USB type-C
  • Sensors : Fingerprint sensor, Iris sensor, accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, barometer, color spectrum
  • Battery : 4200mAh Non removable Li-ion battery
  • Protections : Gorilla Glass 5

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So since starting of 2017 new trend of Dual camera is started and LG don’t want to stay behind the race, so this time with LG G6 they are also coming up for feature of Dual camera. The 16MP Dual camera will have One 16 MP (29mm, f/1.8) and second 16 MP (12mm, f/1.8) sensors. The Camera will have features like Geo-tagging, Panorama, OIS, HDR, face detection etc.. which is quite common now a days for all Flagship phones But In the end Laser-Focus will nail the performance of Image quality. Video quality is said to be 2160p@30fps, 1080p@30fps with HDR and stereo sound recording. So after all Camera Performance will not disappoint you in any term.


This smartphone is launched in competition with Samsung Galaxy S8/Edge, iPhone 8, OnePlus 4 and other similar flagships from various brands like HTC, Huawei etc.

Design and Material Used:


Once again we are going to have a phone with great design, LG provides nice attractive design in most of the phones but Samsung fan boys (just blind fans) always complain about them but the one who have used LG phones previously or the One who is using LG phone currently will never complain about Design. They don’t have a ugly design like people say, phones are perfectly handy and easier to use compared to others.

This phone body is made with some composed aluminum alloy to provide durability, rigidity and lightness all in one.

  • Front side: In front part Secondary Camera is placed on top left, Speaker next to the camera and some sensors in same line. The Screen is covering maximum of front part and minimum edges on sides. One LG logo will be there below the screen.
  • Backside: In Dual lens camera, there will be Dual LED flash placed in between to lenses. And finger print sensor also will be placed on back side below the camera module.
  • Left side panel: Volume buttons are placed slightly higher than middle
  • Right side panel: Sim Tray (microSD in same tray)
  • Bottom: USB Type-C port, Speakers and (Extra Mic for noise cancellation, no confirmation)
  • Top:  Mic and 3.5mm audio jack



CountryLG G6 Price
Australia1017 Australian Dollar
Austria688 Euro
Brazil2619 Brazilian Real
Canada985 Canadian Dollar
China4657 Chinese Yuan
Denmark5130 Danish Krone
England479 British Pound Sterling
Finland688 Euro
France688 Euro
Germany688 Euro
Greece688 Euro
Hong Kong5814 Hong Kong Dollar
Hungary212,928 Hungarian Forint
India47,759 Indian Rupee
Indonesia10,134,000 Indonesian Rupiah
Italy688 Euro
Japan93,352 Japanese Yen
Nigeria149,287 Nigerian Naira
Philippines34,260 Philippine Peso
Poland2868 Polish Zloty
Russia47,066 Russian Ruble
Singapore1037 Singapore Dollar
South Africa9578 South African Rand
South Korea878,940 South Korean Won
Spain688 Euro
Switzerland734 Swiss Franc
Taiwan23,763 New Taiwan Dollar
The Netherlands688 Euro
United States$750


LG G6 is rumored to have attachments or so called modules like LG G5 had. This modules of phones is for battery replacement, Camera, and Stereo deck. However G6 may have them and may not because this modules whole body design needs to be built in compatible structure and that’s not so easy every time. Also they might come up with something new too 😉

Where to Buy:

LG G6 will be available in both markets online and offline. For online it will be available exclusively on Amazon! And for offline availability it may take few days more after launch.


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