The excitement about upcoming OnePlus smartphone  is increasing day by day since all previous devices impressed everyone.I am sure you guys are also excited to know everything about upcoming flaship killer..!!! OnePlus 4 will be the next upcoming flagship OnePlus is planing to launch this year.
Each year, OnePlus have done a great job gaining respect within an extremely competitive industry & from what we’re already hearing on the Op4 it’ll be one well worth waiting for.Since the launch of OnePlus one, OnePlus is using the same strategy of providing smartphones with high-end hardware and software at affordable cost.

OnePlus always approached its customer to “NEVER SETTLE” for less. The flagship concept that OnePlus have introduced has helped the oneplus series to compete with the  big players of smartphone industries like Samsung, HTC,LG and Apple. Now lets take a look at what OnePlus is to offering  to its customers…!!!

OnePlus 4 Rumors:-

OnePlus might call their upcoming flagship OnePlus 5 instead of OnePlus 4 as the number four is considered as bad luck in China. .
For now, though, we’ll stick to calling it the OnePlus 4 or op4 within this article to avoid confusing things.
OnePlus always had same strategy to provide high-end hardware at midrange price. OnePlus 4 will come with the Snapdragon 835. This is the brand new processor launched by Qualcomm at CES-2017 .
This chipset is the  popular choice for all 2017 flagships including the Galaxy S8, HTC 11 and LG G6.Previous OnePlus device i.e,OnePlus 3 was very famous for its camera, desgin and performance.
Now users are having more expectations from upcoming op4.we also hearing that OnePlus will be bringing some new innovation including eye-sensing technology,waterproof.

OnePlus 4 Specification:-

None of the specifications are announced officially early  OnePlus 4 rumors include:-
  • One of the best chipset of 2017 i.e,Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.
  • OnePlus 4 might have unibody metal design like Oneplus 3/3T.
  • A bigger AMOLED QUAD-HD display.
  • Better outer surrounding material making it much more durable.
  • The 5.5” display will be one of the best seen in any 2017 smartphone with the true 4K display having resolution of 4096 x 2160.
  • We are expecting to see same 4k display on OnePlus 4 as well.
  • OP4 is expected to have 21mp rear camera and 8mp front camera.
  • We also expecting that Op4 will come out with dual camera.
  • OnePlus might introduce curved display like samsung galaxy s7 edge but it is not confirmed yet.
  • We’ve seen reports that the Op4 will come with 8GB of RAM for better performance.
  • It will come out in two different storage options i.e, (128gb & 64gb storage).
  • Out of the box Op4 will come out with Android nougat.
  • we are also expecting from Op4 to have 3500- 4000mah battery.
  • Like OP3, Op4 will also come with dash charge technology.
  • It will come out in rose gold and gun metal colour variant along with different type of style-swaps options to customise the further looks.

OnePlus 4 Features:-

We’re hopeful to see many new features on OnePlus 4.Each new model from OnePlus has topped before and same we are expecting from upcoming OnePlus4.
New features should include :-
  • eye sensing technology
  • better waterproof surround
  • 3D visuals
  • and some of the best camera features we’ll see in any 2017 smartphone under most affordable budget.
Op4 might come out with :-
  • true 3D display
  • Dual camera enhanced with optical image stabilization plus
  • auto laser focus
  • A wider camera lens,
  • along with Dash charging technology.

OnePlus 4 Price:-

For now we cant say too much on price untill any official announcement .we are hearing that OnePlus4 is expected to be priced at:-
  • 539$/36732 inr for 128 gb variant.
  • 500$/34075 inr for 64gb variant.

OnePlus 4 Release date:-

From the recent rumors we are expecting that OnePlus 4 will launch in mid-2017.










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