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In these days everything is getting smarter. So, today we are going to talk about a very smart app. This app let you control your television in a very smart way. Many OEMs like Xiaomi, LG, LeEco and few more are implementing their own native remote control app as pre-installed apps on their devices. However, there are still many OEMs like HTC and Samsung which when it opted to include a pre-installed version of the third-party app Peel Smart Remote app. In HTC tried to develop their own app, but in the end opted to replace it with Peel smart remote on their latest handsets.

Peel smart remote claims that it is the world’s most popular smart remote with 140 million-plus registered users worldwide and more than 10 billion smart remote commands a month. Lets have a look on features of this amazing app.


It control your TV, set-top box, DVD player, Blu-ray, Roku, Apple TV, audio system, and home appliances like air conditioners and heaters. It uses the built-in infrared IR blaster on your smartphone. This is not just an ordinary remote app. Once it’s connected to your TV this app will show all the channels and shows that are included in your subscription the subscription of your DTH provider. There are many other features present in this app.

  • Works as an Universal remote.
  • This app shows recommendations to watch shows and channels according to your past viewing habits. Everything is well sorted inside the app.
  • Peel smart remote is really very easy to setup. Read the post further. We”ll also help you in setting up this remote.
  • You can categorize your favorite shows and TV channels so that you can access them easily.
  • You can even set a calender reminder for your favorite shows. This feature seems to be useful for many of us, including me.
  • It shows all your streamed contents at one place for easy access.
  • If you have Netflix or Hulu installed then Peel smart remote will show all of the contents from them in its main screen.
  • You can watch new videos from your subscribed channels on YouTube.
  • You can connect to your Facebook or Google account, which will allow you to take backup of your configurations automatically.
  • Supports more than 110 countries.

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How to setup Peel smart remote

As we have already mentioned earlier in the post that setting up Peel smart remote app is very easy and quick. Have a look at our step-by-step guide below. Before setting it up, let me tell you that this app requires IR blaster in your smartphone in oder to use it as remote.

  • Open the appapp permissions
  • Tap on “StartStart
  • Now choose your cable provider. If you do not have a cable provider, choose “Broadcast or Over the Air”.cable providers
  • Next choose your gender and age range.gender and age
  • Now turn off your TV and Select “Yes, My TV is OffTV off
  • Select your TV Brand, then select “NextTV brand
  • Point your device to your TV and press the power button labeled “Button 1power on
  • If your TV turned on, press “YES”.
  • Now you’ll do the same for your cable or satellite boxdth setup
  • Next you can sign in with Facebook or Google to save your media sign in
  • Choose the packages and languages you are subscribed.
  • Now click “Done“. And you’re ready to rock.


Yes! Off course! Peel smart remote is an excellent app with decent features and an easy to use simple but intuitive UI. We”ll definitely suggest you to use this application. You can download the app from given below links.

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