Samsung Gear 360- 2017


As more creativity resolves around 360 degree videos, Samsung is ensuring its keeping pace with the changes. That’s why they announced a brand new version of its gear 360. Its not a gear 362 or a gear 360 v2 but just the Samsung gear 360.

At first glance, you will definitely notice the difference between it and its predecessor. The most apparent change is obviously the new design. Its sporting a slimmer looking chassis than its predecessor. What’s really nice is the new design making it more comfortable to use. The column acts as a case for the battery, as well as doubling as a stand to keep itself upright. Sure, the redesigned column might be overlooked by most people, However seeing that its footprint is more isolated in the spread out feat with last year’s version, its unlikely to be seen in 360 videos. If you want to carry it around, there is also an attachable strap along with it. Lastly, there is a mount on the bottom, for fastening it with a tripod or something like that.

Upper half of Gear 360 (2017) turned slightly to the left

We cant deny how sleek this device looks. But at the same time, the construction seems solid enough to endure some rough usage over-time. Its IP-53 certified for dust and water resistance. That’s very much predictable evolution. But obviously not a bad thing either.

Moving on to the nitty-gritty stuffs, it features two 8.4 MP (f/2.2 lens) CMOS sensors with fish-eye lenses. They ensures there are no gaps in coverage with 360 videos. It essentially achieves real 4k resolution. Unlike its predecessor, it can now shoot at cinematic frame rate of 24 fps per second. Meanwhile, recharging is done through its new USB Type-c connection, which should also speed-up the file transfers while supporting Micro-SD card as well. The other big new addition is the live stream 360 degree videos. But it tops out at 2k feed through services like YouTube, That shouldn’t be surprising given, how taxing streaming 4k contents can become. Out of the gates, the new Samsung gear 360 will be compatible with most of the smartphones including the iphones.


Pricing and availability isn’t revealed yet, but I bet it wont be long before you see them on shelves. Lets just hope that the pricing remains the same as before. We will update the page with the links as soon as its available in the online stores. So stay tuned for that.

Now lets quickly move on to the Gear VR.

Samsung Gear VR with controller

First of all, this new Gear VR headset is a bit different from the most recent one that was unveiled along side the Note 7 back in the fall. The overall look and feel is a pretty familiar one, where you have a single strap that wraps around the head, while supporting the headset itself. Kind of like the google day-dream view headset. Now you need to place the strap a bit higher on your head so that it doesn’t sag as you are wearing it. Besides that, everything is pretty much identical to what we have seen before.

This particular one is compatible to work with the s6, s7, s8 and the note 5. While trying out the motion controller for the first time, it shouldn’t  surprise anyone that has used the daydream before, just because its similar in how its an extension of the VR experience. It does things like, wielding weapons in Val, or even firing-off bullets. You can also hold the motion controller to aim your weapon and fire using the analog trigger.

There is not a whole lot difference with the motion controller’s purpose here, but we would have preferred the ergonomics to be a bit better, because the placement of the trigger at the end of the controller. of course its able to track all kinds of motion in tilting it in all sorts of angles. For the most part, the controller seems to stay in a relatively isolated area which is not a bad thing either.

Seeming that the Samsung Gear VR is becoming the most popular VR headset out there, the addition of motion controller should make the things even more interesting. Even it claims to provide some of the best mobile VR experiences out there. So, we are curious to see how Samsung and Oculus can elevate the experience even more. The new Samsung Gear VR will be available in orchid grey when available, and probably the motion controller should come along with it. Those who are pre-ordering the galaxy s8, they are going to get the VR headset for free.

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