Camera on spectacles?

Its a concept that has been tried in the past wearable cameras. They tend to be unfashionable and too obvious while putting the issue of privacy into question. However creators of the greatly popular app snapchat are tackling with their own product that puts a camera in a pair of sunglasses. Do these fashion-forward camera enabled snapchat spectacles show us a glimpse into a future? we are here to find out in this article.

Are these snapchat spectacles are fun to use?

I am not a crazy snapchat user for general social media but sometimes these silly aspects are wonderful to use. As far as sunglasses go the spectacles are of decent quality. They make it pretty clear that the 129$ that you pay for them is more for the electronics in the fashion.

Are these spectacles durable and how do they work?

I have couple of worries that these snapchat spectacles will survive not much more that the typical wear and tear. Also it will take a little bit of time for users to get used to. On the left while wearing the glasses is a shorter button that starts the 10 seconds snaps. And also there’s a white LED indicator that shows battery life and alert others to the fact that you are recording.

Behind the glasses are the connector pins for charging which can be done either with the included cable or with a case. speaking of battery life these spectacles claim to get up to 100 snaps before needing to be charged but of really gotten closer to 60. These spectacles record only circular videos. Also These spectacles don’t need to be connected to a phone to work.

There is an  indicator on the left which is  really elegant and when you compare to something like a red light which is often distracting and definitely alarming to some people. Instead you get this rotating white light which is easy on the eyes also but kind of inviting.

Dont be a jerk you should be smart and nice enough to know when to record and when not to record and if somebody comes upto you and tells you to stop recording or to delete footage you would do so right because you are a nice person got it? good!!

How good these spectacles are?

The videos recorded  by these spectacles have pretty low resolution just over 720p. But the camera is about as wide as a gopro and its location is really the crux of the experience.  sound is actually the pretty good though and anyone wearing them will have to be a little bit of aware of that and of what they are doing.Doing the videos on snapchat app is actually really fun but it takes a while to get going if you are extracting a tons of snaps from the spectacles.

its still too easy to get addicted to these spectacles just press the button and continue your experience without worry because the wide angle lens will capture it. And you know what thats why i like these spectacles because there are not other products yet that do same.The snapchat spectacles are the first kind of well executed attempt at giving people the ability to share a unique perspective literally their own. it was one thing that spectacles make clear to me is that i’m excited to see more products like this in the future.

Where can you buy them?

The glasses are available for 129$  in all three current colors—black, teal, and coral—and come with the charging case and USB cable. According to the Spectacles website, delivery should take between 2-4 weeks.Users can buy their spectacles from here or just click on the image below.




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