We all have smartphones these days, yet we require PC or Laptop to do few Easy and Daily Routine stuffs. Allthough there are couple of softwares that sort out your problems but in the end, we do require laptop or PC to complete the mission we are onto. These few stuffs are daily life part of every smartphone user and nothing’s new to your eyes, but somehow you have ignored them till now hoping you won’t need them and would find another way out.

1.OTG and PenDrive:

otg pendrive

Not a big deal right? Yet makes your easy things difficult when this stuffs are not around you. OTG(On-The-Go) cable helps you connect various usb-compatible-phone accessories like pen drive, keyboard or even gamepad. Most of us use it with pendrive. Imagine the situation when you need to access a particular file from pendrive right now and there is no Laptop around!!! HighTime right?? Even when you know about OTG, you are helpless because you don’t have one with you now. Sometimes, OTG cables frequently loosely connect and disconnect ongoing transfers or sharing of files from pendrives. So its important that you buy a good cable and understand whether how does a pen drive react to it. Few PenDrives are little hard to attach, you need to apply force, whereas few get so loosely connected that you need to adjust the usb port and pendrive 4-5 times before it mounts up.

Storage Device Manufacturers like SanDisk offer OTG-PenDrive that come with builtin Storages of 16GB or 32GB. So you don’t have to keep a pen drive separately. But still, you will need OTG Cable individually for rest pendrives. If you don’t have one, you can checkout these links to buy a good and reliable quality OTG Cable and OTG-PenDrive.

  Amazon India:
     OTG 1– WireSwipe[1 year warranty] Click on Image
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     OTG 2 – Portronics
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     OTG PenDrive – SanDisk
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  Amazon US:
      OTG 1UGreen
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      OTG 2– MicroUSB Hub
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      OTG PenDrive– SanDisk
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  Amazon UK:
      OTG 1– MicroOTG
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      OTG 2– StartTech
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      OTG PenDrive– SanDisk
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2. PowerBank:

powerbankmi powerbank

Smartphones get high-end every day and nobody thinks about battery. Luckily, someone invented Powerbank and now its most used accessory in these days. So if you don’t have one, its time for you to checkout a powerbank that suits your budget. Its important as most of phones dont last for a long time. So, get a good powerbank and than you dont have to worry about battery getting low. Make sure you charge it before you leave the house 🙂

You may Read more on how to lower battery consumption of your smartphone.

3. Earphones / Headphones:


Sometimes we want to just stay alone, and our best companion is always our Earphones. So just plug’in and loose yourself into another dimension. But even you have realized how hectic your day can go if you forget your earphones for a while and you are out of your house. Earphones are Savage!! Real Magic Workers. Sometimes, your friend sends you a funny clip and you want to hear it, but the environment is silent… 🙁 how badly can you miss your earphones if you forget them at such moments..!! So keeping a decent pair of earphones in your pocket is always fruitful. Well buying the right earphone is always important, because once you are used to a particular earphone, you wont like any other. So choosing a great choice is as important as carrying it everywhere. Checkout these pairs.

4. USB Cable:


Now most of you’ll will think this is not required, but let me tell you, it’s one of the most important accessory when you step out of the house. You know how important it’s for you if you are a Student or an Employee! Everyone needs to share data between two different systems(phone to Laptop) and data cable is the best and reliable choice. Nowadays most of the mobile manufacturers provide data cable thats used for charging purpose. Although not all of them are good for data transfer. Hence choosing a Fast charging Cable can save your ample of time while sharing files from mobile to computers. As this accessory scores enough grade points to be under top 7 list, we have added this! These are some perfect suggestions on what kind of reliable USB Cable you should choose to keep with you when you are travelling or stepping out of house!


usb led lightusb led

There are many other accessories which can be used with Mobile but we decided to mention USB LED after discussing a lot over it. USB LED is a light led stick that gives great Flash at emergency cases. Its flexible, safe and reliable. You can plug it to your normal charger or your Laptop or even Power Bank and it will glow at maximum flash. It uses least power as its LED and gives better glow. I use it when there is no electricity and its most reliable accessory you can get within 100-150 rupees.

6. Portable Speakers:

portable speakerportable speaker

Portable speakers are just what you need for a instant DJ Party among your friend circle or to enjoy at your meet ups. These tiny beasts fill happiness in your moments and make them best. Portable Speaker are light weight, easy to carry and long lasting. Various Manufacturers have their own tuning of sound sweetness thats magically packed under the hood of these tiny gadgets that drive you crazy and make the evening memorable. Surely you shouldn’t ignore them when you are planning to meet your friends or on family occasions.

7. GamePad:

gamepad controller

We kept it at last, but still in the list. Gamepad gives amazing feel to gamers who get bored by playing on screen. Some games interact perfectly on gamepad rather than screen touch and so these controllers come handy. Its a cool accessory and is lightweight. It can be carried anywhere and needs an OTG cable to connect to phone. Most of the games support controller and Maximum devices above 4.1(Jellybeam) support these controllers. Hardly costing 300-400 Rupees, these Controllers earned the place in our top 7 priority.

We agree there are many other good accessories including  external camera lenses, solar power based powerbanks, keyboards and mouse and many more, but these are the top 7 most important accessories we use everyday and they have to be in your bag if you are leaving your house anytime. Use them with care and be prepared next time for anything where these gadgets can be handy. Good Luck!


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